IMPORTANT UPDATE: November 10th, 2018

Our mom has picked the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell as her transplant center. If you are interested in determining whether you would be a match, click here to register.


The registration process asks a few questions that you will need the following information to answer:

Our Mom’s Birthdate: 9/28/1951

Our Mom’s Full Name: Stephanie Blumenthal

Thank you again! And if you have any questions, you can always email us at




We are Nick and Theo, Stef’s two sons. Our mom needs a kidney and we have set up this site to help find a donor.


Our mom has polycystic kidney disease (PKD), an incurable kidney disease that ultimately leads to complete kidney failure. Her life is now dependent upon finding someone who is willing to donate a kidney. PKD is a genetic disease leaving us both unable to donate. While she is on a waiting list, most people do not survive the 7+ years it can take to reach the top of the list.

Her blood type is A- which allows her to receive kidneys from A and O blood types. However, if a willing donor is not a match, she can still receive a kidney through paired donation, a two-way“swap” between two incompatible couples. For information on paired donation click here.

Many folks have asked, am I too old to donate? Some donors have been as old as 80. Each center is different, but all of the centers agree that the determining factor is the health of the donor. 

We don’t need both our kidneys - one can live a fully-functioning, healthy life with just one kidney. We are searching for a hero, for a kidney donor, for someone who can help save our mom’s life.


The need is urgent and we would be forever grateful and indebted to your help. Thank you.


Our Mom 

Our mom has always spent her time fighting for others. As our mother , she has spent every moment the past 30 years putting us before her, sacrificing everything for us. As a wife and caretaker to our father, who suffered a life altering ski accident 8 years ago, she has stayed by his side day in and day out, fighting for his health and recovery. She fights for the people around her; spearheading environmental activism in our community, mentoring at-risk youth, teaching immigrants english and campaigning for social rights.

Now it is our time to fight for her.



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"Donating a kidney to somebody... doubles their life expectancy"

- Dr. Segev, transplant surgeon

Don't I need both kidneys? 

"Many people with one kidney can live essentially the same as those with two. The remaining kidney is often able to compensate for its missing counterpart."




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